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Interpretive Media Laboratory

UCLA REMAP and California State Parks, 2011-present.

Please visit the IMLab Site: imlab.ucla.edu.

The Interpretive Media Laboratory (IMLab) is a collaboration between UCLA REMAP and California State Parks started in 2011. The program builds on a six-year history of dialogue and experimentation in the Remapping LA project. It seeks to conceive and prototype innovative approaches to interpretive technology for the urban space. IMLab's "Living Laboratory" is the Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP), a significant 32-acre site immediately outside of Downtown Los Angeles.

IMLab aims to discover and interpret culture, history and ecology through innovative use of media and technology. Its specific aims are to:

  • Generate meaningful, resonant interpretive experiences;
  • Promote visitors' engagement with the entire Park site and surrounding historic neighborhoods;
  • Enable collective, enriching activities for people to do together;
  • Empower individuals, groups and communities to share their stories and experiences of Los Angeles;
  • Facilitate long-term relationships between the Park and visitors;
  • Connect the Park to the rest of Los Angeles;
  • Make the Park a living laboratory for learning about the City's cultural and natural history.

LASHP sits just south of Dodger Stadium, adjacent to the LA River. A resonant place for Angelenos, it has seen each major phase of technological and social development in City history, including the engineering of water supplies, railroads, and freeways. Since 2006, REMAP has been building a database of historical images for the neighborhoods surrounding LASHP – geocoded, carefully tagged, and curated by UCLA students and researchers – and contributing to the process of creating interactive murals, developing applications, and conducting courses, workshops and internship programs.

IMLab is continuously seeking sponsors and new programmatic partners to expand upon its ongoing research and to enable collective creativity and exploration of identity through interpretive technology. For more information, please contact Fabian Wagmister (fabian at ucla dot edu) or Jeff Burke (jburke at ucla dot edu).

UCLA REMAP Team: Fabian Wagmister, Jeff Burke, James Dellemonico, Taylor Fitz-Gibbon, Diana Ford, Ren Rong, Dominic Foong, Nadya Wijaya, Chengyi Lim, Zening Qu.

Gallery of Interpretive Technology Concepts for the Los Angeles State Historic Park: