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Research: Live Performance

Gone with the Wind Remixed

UCLA Department of Theater, 2012.

REMAP provided technical and production support for the development and staging of original multimedia performance pieces inspired by the critical examination of Gone with the Wind. Students, collaborating with REMAP's Jeff Burke and four-time Emmy-winning composer & visiting faculty member Laura Karpman, co-wrote, co-directed, co-designed and co-developed technology for these works.

As an extension of media concepts developed in Fall 2011, interdisciplinary teams were formed. The teams collaborated during a two-quarter course (co-taught by Karpman and Burke, Winter/Spring 2012) to research, develop, write, cast, rehearse and stage their pieces under the supervision of the instructors and other participating faculty.

Through support provided by Dean Teri Schwartz, resources were allocated to each team according to internal project proposals developed by midterm of the Winter quarter. In developing these projects, the class drew heavily from the initial media concepts and background materials, and explored the various challenges posed by creating such works. During the Spring term, the class continued to research the contemporary relevance of Gone with the Wind and related examples of 20th and 21st century performance art, opera design, multimedia works, digital manipulations, video art, music mashups/remixing, and interactive media.

Photos by Juan Tallo