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Research: Live Performance

Homer in Cyberspace

UCLA Department of Theater, 2008.

Homer in Cyberspace was an original musical first performed at UCLA in 2008. The show, a modern update to the ancient tale of Odysseus, Telemachus, and Penelope, was written by Mel Shapiro and Daniel Keleher, with original music by Roger Bourland, and media by REMAP.

The piece explored the story of Homer's Odyssey amidst a modern tension between technology and the emotional soul. The media design built on techniques of past work, incorporating realtime 2D and 3D graphics, video, and still photography composited in the Ogre 3D graphics engine along with physical set, costumes, lights, and sound.

Credits - Directed by Mel Shapiro, with musical direction by Dan Belzer and Jeremy Mann and choregraphy by Nicholas Gunn. Design: Hak Choi (scenery), Dan Ionazzi (lighting), Mary Reilly and Eloise Petro (costumes), Jonathan Snipes and Ross Goldman (sound), with media systems and design by REMAP, the Center for Research in Engineering, Media and Performance. Production Manager: Jeff Wachtel. Stage Manager: Lindsey Turteltaub, with assistants Brooke Baldwin and Michelle Stann.

Media credits - Media design by Jeff Burke and Vanessa Holtgrewe. Cinematography: Cat Deakins. Assistant Media Designer: Ryan Dorn. 3D Artists: Carlos Mena, Craig Wells. Software developers: Vids Samanta, Francesco Capodieci. Producer, video segments: Mischa Pfister. Media production assistants: Daniel Baker, Kelly Sechler.

UCLA Daily Bruin article, May 29, 2008.