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Research: Film, Television & Digital Media

Location-Based and Audience-Aware Storytelling

Fall 2013/ Winter 2014.
Instructor: Jeff Burke.
Theater 298A / Film, Television & Digital Media 298A.

This two-semester workshop-seminar guided students to conceptualize, author, produce and distribute "next generation" experiences. Key enabling technologies, such as wearable computing, augmented reality, GPS, and HTML5, were covered from both a conceptual and practical perspective. Experimental cinema, television and performance, new media art, oral storytelling and the design of built environments were surveyed, as challenges of interactivity, openness and dynamic narrative structures were explored.

Through a collaboration with Google, Glass was used as a primary technology platform, resulting in two produced works — an interactive web series, Bodies for a Global Brain, and Grace Plains, an experience that combined live-action role-playing and participatory theater at Google's YouTube Space Los Angeles.

REMAP researchers collaborated with the students throughout the processes, and provided key project management and extensive technical support.

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