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Education: Lectures & Workshops

REMAP/RITL Workshop for Digital Media, Theatre & Design

Formello, Rome, Italy, June 24 to July 8, 2012.

An initiative of UCLA's Center for Research in Engineering, Media and Performance (REMAP) and the Leon Katz Rhodopi International Theatre Laboratory (RITL) – in association with the Open Media Cluster of the Telematics Park of Rome and the Municipality of Formello, Rome.

The REMAP/RITL Workshop for Digital Media, Theatre and Design explored how emerging technologies, materials, and media practices can provide new theatrical languages for designers, directors and other theatre-makers.

A set of technology platforms and tools were chosen for their potential impact on theatrical scenography in its broadest sense, as well as their connection to consumer and industrial technologies that shape our lives. Technologies covered included Touchdesigner, Max/MSP, and the incorporation of common sensors. A set of dramatic forms were also chosen for their fluidity of structure, potential relationship to the selected technologies, and narrative, aesthetic, and thematic connections to the world's evolving use of technology. Forms covered included Commedia dell'arte and Chinese Opera. Through this pairing of performance practices with corresponding digital possibilities, the program interweaved creative processes and encouraged participants to broaden their approach, seek new and wider audiences, and critically engage with the proliferation of new technologies in everyday life.

Participating designers and theatre-makers were trained by and collaborated with visiting professional artists grappling with the fusion of dramatic action and technology, leading to a collaboratively created work-in-progress performed in the courtyard of the Palazzo Chigi in the center of Formello.

The Workshop was co-directed by REMAP Executive Director Jeff Burke and RITL Co-director Jared J. Stein. Faculty collaborators included Jed Allen Harris (Carnegie Mellon School of Drama), Peter Karapetkov (RITL co-director), Alexander Iliev (Bulgaria's National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts), Alessandro Marianantoni (Italy), David Beaudry and Jonathan Snipes (United States), and Andrew Quinn (Australia). Students from Italy, the United States, Argentina, Bulgaria, China and South Korea participated.