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Education: Lectures & Workshops

IMLab 2012 Summer High School Workshop

During the summer of 2012, fourteen high school students from South and East Los Angeles took part in an experimental IMLab workshop. To produce the six-week exploration of the Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP) and surrounding neighborhoods, UCLA REMAP partnered with the UCLA Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) and Public Matters LLC. Four days a week, the students worked with innovative mobile technologies developed by UCLA CENS, using them to document and collect data on the city.

Los Angeles State Historic Park, 2012.


IDM Showcases

Since the 2013-14 academic year, REMAP researchers and artists have been supporting the work of students in TFT's Interactive Digital Media (IDM) concentration. Under the supervision of REMAP's Fabian Wagmister and Jeff Burke, the students have developed and built interactive installations as their thesis projects, premiering at UCLA and IMLab.   

Los Angeles, 2014-present.


REMAP/RITL Workshop for Digital Media, Theatre & Design

The REMAP/RITL Workshop for Digital Media, Theatre and Design explored how emerging technologies, materials, and media practices can provide new theatrical languages for designers, directors and other theatre-makers.

Formello, Rome, Italy, June 24 to July 8, 2012.


Rhodopi International Theatre Laboratory (workshops)

For eight summers, REMAP participated in the RITL, a month-long conservatory training and professional residency program hosted at the Rhodopi Dramatichen Theater in Smolyan, Bulgaria. In addition to co-creating performances with other RITL resident artists and enrolled students, REMAP researchers and artists led instructional workshops, introducing concepts and providing hands-on experience to artists from six continents, representing a wide range of traditions and contemporary approaches.

Smolyan, Bulgaria, 2005-2012.


The Color of Dissonance

REMAP's Jeff Burke led a workshop on the use of media in performance during a residency at Southwestern, assisting the Theater Department in developing a media-rich production concept for an original operetta. The show's projection design, by Duncan Alexander, went on to win the 2008-2009 Austin Critic's Table Award for Video Design.

Southwestern University, 2008.